6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology

1) musical composition

Do you feel like music? You can download tabs, lyrics and compose music with the appropriate software and play at a concert while it is active. This helps you stay on course, and any error can be hidden. In this way, you will succeed. People will love your show and you will be in great demand.

2) Exhibition of art online

Everything can now be scanned. Get these colors, watercolors and drawing board and create beautiful works of art. With Adobe Photoshop, you can change more colors and colors to your liking and give art the final touch. Then sell it at an online art exhibition.

3) Creative writing

Everyone can write creatively if they read and write enough. Draw a story: take one or two days and start writing. Everything will work well whenever you plan everything, if you want to finish your great work, if you want to sell it and publish it. Do not give up, stay tuned. In terms of sales and publication, Amazon would be a great place.
4) photography
Photography is a great creative hobby for everyone. Learn to shoot with enough light or with your camera's flash at night. Once the photos are computerized, Adobe Photoshop allows you to refine the shapes and colors of the face, the shapes and colors of the body, and the background colors. And finally, print them if you want.

5) crafts

The crafts can be made of wood, bamboo, jute, and cotton. They can be of different types, depending on the taste, for example, smaller versions of real objects such as toy dolls, rickshaws and others such as a purse, a wallet, a photo with a village scene, etc. Sell ​​a store

6) Make mixed tea

Get different mixtures of tea leaves and try two mixes per day, two mixes another day and three mixes on the third day. And actually cooking in a teapot. Once you have finished cooking and the tea leaves have been removed, add enough milk and sugar to know which day you prefer. Have that more often and feel good. You can create a mixed video of tea that you create and embed on YouTube.
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