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These text fields allow you to use different font colors, fonts and font sizes. You can drag and drop files and image objects from the left column and click on them to download the desired files or images from your PC.

You can use contact forms to integrate your email address, as well as when you post people from messages on the site, and these messages can land directly in your mailbox. You can also use small text fields and add your own names, which are not integrated names, like "last name".
You have the ability to embed web links in a group of words. When you publish a website, click on this offer to access the website that you are looking for.
The site layout may differ for Weebly / Wix technology. For convenience, I will give you an example of a writer. The layout can contain the following menu bar:
Home Free sources Books About us Contacts
In the "Main Menu" section you must specify on which website and for whom it is intended.
Under free resources, you can have a login page with photos of books and links to free books, courses, or any other free materials related to the author's site, for collecting e-mail addresses from those who release the Subscribe resources.
In the "Books" section of the menu, you compile your books for sale along with other information such as ISBN, book title, previews of book images, co-authors, if any, and Access to books, either in digital copies or on paper afterwards, as a particular buyer makes a purchase on the Internet. Of course, paper files are sent to the specified address information.
On the About menu Describe all of your information as the author - your BIO, how many books you write and in which category and best seller of the New York Times, if any. Briefly, explain the layout of the site.
In the "Blogs" menu, you can use the Weebly blog option or add links to blogs, such as, that you manage separately. In these blogs, you can discuss and publish press releases and brief descriptions of your books.
Finally, the menu item "Contact" can be displayed in the main menu bar. It should be a form that requires a name, a surname, an e-mail address and a perspective comment. If you click the "Send contact form" button, their information should go directly to your mailbox, where you have already integrated, as I explained above.
Here are some of the ways that you can create a beautiful website with Weebly / Wix technology for free. You can first add a template cover to your site and be able to change it.
With all of the above, it's time to publish your site. You will be asked about the subdomain. For example, if author Smith wants to publish this page, he can (fiction, for the sole purpose of the example) to use if it is available, otherwise, you may need to change something to see one available.
Here's how you can use modern technology to create an excellent website without having to start from scratch. You also have the option to purchase a primary domain so that Weebly or Wix is ​​not displayed in the URL.
But you should pay attention to the instructions, for example, you need to update the site every two or five years with the necessary payments.
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