How Cisco Meraki Can Save Both An Enterprise's Time and Money

The idea behind Cisco Meraki was born out of a specific problem faced by Saracen Mineral Holdings IT leader Tim Irimies. The gold mining company owns five mines across Western Australia, employing over 200 employees and 750 contractors. Tim wanted to manage the networking needs of these sites, and he had only two IT managers in one office in Perth. The challenge was new, but it became clear that it was the need for the near future.

With the help of Cisco, Meraki Saracen could easily meet all requirements. Above all, it was easy to install; Even a non-technical person could do it. It enabled the two IT officers in Saracen to monitor and resolve the installation process without leaving the Perth office. With the existing Meraki devices, Saracen could now gain real-time visibility into what was happening on network devices, client devices, and connections. It was not limited to a single plot, but to the 5 mining sites. With the ability to remotely access the Meraki board, Sarazen had everything he needed.

Analyzing this particular case, Saracen, with the help of Cisco Meraki, no longer has to invest in many technical experts to solve the problems of all its sites. He could easily ensure a constant flow of information in all places without moving one inch. He was also able to track all his network devices. He not only saved his money but also time.

In the current scenario, where time is very important, Cisco Meraki appears to be the perfect solution for wireless management, networking, and switching. The best part is that it's also extremely safe, making it an instant favorite among companies.

Some of the key features of Cisco Meraki that cannot be overlooked are:

Investment in network management significantly lower
It can be installed by any non-technical person
It comes with the preconfigured adapter and AP configuration
Provides a highly reliable and unbreakable network connection
Easily scalable to adapt to the rapid growth of wireless technology
It provides significant operational cost savings by a) specific training of staff, b) providing trained personnel at various locations, and c) updating software on separate devices at regular intervals
Easy to reach anytime, anywhere
A unified view of the entire network, regardless of the diversity of terminal locations

In summary, Cisco Meraki is an excellent solution that can help a business save money and time.
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