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ASP.NET could be an internet development platform that is employed to cater a programming model, in conjunction with comprehensive package framework and varied alternative services that are needed to create up powerful internet applications for Desktop, furthermore as mobile devices.

It runs on hypertext transfer protocol, that uses commands and policies to outline a browser-to-server bilateral communication and cooperation set.

It is a locality of's dot web platform. The applications in asp dot web are compiled codes and are written victimization the expandable and renewable factors or objects gift in.Net framework.

The ASP.NET application codes are written victimization in any of the subsequent languages:

*Visual Basic.Net
This platform is employed to yield interactive furthermore as data-driven internet applications on the net. It includes a range of controls corresponding to text boxes, buttons, and labels which will be used to accumulate, construct, and Wield codes to make markup language pages.
Components of .net Framework

Common Language Runtime or CLR: escort a CLR operate that helps it in memory management, debugging, security check, code execution, verification, code safety, compilation and exception handling. The code that's directly managed by the CLR is thought as managed code.
Common Language Specification: has those essential specifications that are needed for the.Net supported languages and additionally for the implementation of language integration.
Common kind System: It caters to those tips that are needed for declaring, using, and managing sorts at runtime, and additionally for cross-language communication.
Dot.Net Framework category Library: It comes with an enormous library that has reusable sorts. These sorts embody categories, interfaces, structures, and enumerated values put together.
Windows Forms: It includes a graphical and intensive illustration of any window that's displayed within the application.
Metadata and Assemblies: data is that the binary data that describes the program, and is either hold on in an exceedingly moveable feasible file ( PE) or in memory. Assemblies are logical units that comprise the assembly manifest, kind data, IL codes, and alternative resources like image files.
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): it's the technology that's wont to build and execute connected systems for internet applications.
Windows Presentation Foundation: This presents a distinction the programme and therefore the business logic. It aids to develop interfaces that are visually beautiful and are designed victimization documents, media, 2 and 3-dimensional graphics, animations, and more.
Windows CardSpace: This provides a secure platform for accessing important resources and sharing personal data on the net. This helps the United States to create a secure and secure platform.
LINQ: It communicates information querying capabilities to alternative.Net languages that are employing a syntax that is analogous to the standard search language SQL.
ADO.NET: it's the technology that's used for operating with information and intensive databases. It provides Associate in Nursing access to information sources like SQL Server, OLE DB, XML etc. for retrieving, manipulating, and change information.
Difference between ASP.NET and ASP.NET AJAX

ASP.NET could be an internet development model whereas Ajax is Associate in Nursing extension of ASP.NET that's used for developing and implementing Ajax practicality. ASP.NET Ajax includes the units that enable the developer to perpetually update information on the website while not reloading the page.

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