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Until recently this problem was "solved" by the installation of a second router and its main feature was repeater support. What does it mean? In short, more effort and often more problems! You can configure the second router to extend the signal from the first router, which makes the connection a bit more stable. But although the coverage area is increasing and stabilizing considerably, there is another problem: the link speed in each new repeater decreases drastically.

Eero is a prime example of the new generation of WiFi systems as they have developed the first residential WLAN products specifically designed to solve this problem using a technology called mesh networking. Unfortunately, the Eero sales have been limited to the United States so far. But now you can buy euro in Australia, so we thought it was time to help people understand the new way of doing things and why mesh networking is the way to go.

The  Wi-Fi system (or any mesh network) consists of several devices: at least one base station and several smaller and less expensive tags that can be customized anywhere and expand network coverage. Most products have preconfigured packaging for homes of certain sizes. Eero has packages for 1-2, 2-4 and 3-5 pieces consisting of 1 euro + 1 beacon, 1 euro + 2 beacons and 3 ers.

To configure it, simply connect an Eero device to the network and place other access points in remote rooms to get a stable Wi-Fi signal. Eero engineers have implemented the mesh network model, which means that all nodes are formally identical and the system is managed alone.
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