Transducer Dos And Don'ts

If you've got ultrasound transducers, you must grasp that you simply have to be compelled to use and take excellent care of them for them to last for an extended time. to assist you out, here square measure a number of the dos and don'ts you must observe to require excellent care of the units:

Transducer dos

When handling the units, bear in mind that they're brittle; thus, handle them with extreme care

When you square measure did, place the units within the probe holder. To avoid the units falling, creative use of wall-mounted holders. you must place them with the lens facing up.

Before you connect any ultrasound system to the transducers, examine them for any harm. If they're broken, you mustn't use them. Let Associate in Nursing knowledgeable comprehend it in order that he/she will fix the harm. a number of the foremost common issues you may notice with transducers include broken probe pins, cable cuts, exposed wires, fluid leaks, surface cracks and lots of others.

Before you place the units in their holders, it's suggested that you simply clean them. Some folks create the error of laundry them whereas they're still connected to the ultrasound system. This should not be you. Before you act and clean them, disconnect them from the system.

When improvement them, follow the procedures given in the manual. Unless you're employing an evidenced improvement methodology, avoid improvement the units along with your methodology.

Transducer don'ts

As mentioned, you would like to handle the units with care. As rule of thumb do not drop or knock the electrical devices or transducer lens on the bench. you must note that even a minor crack on the probes would fail; thus, make sure that the units do not face any harm.

In addition to being cautious once handling them, you furthermore might use caution after you are not exploitation them. As rule of thumb, ne'er leave the transducers in a part wherever they're at the danger of being born or knocked over.

When operating, take caution that you simply do not immerse them deeper than necessary. continuously make sure that you do not dip the connexion or adapter into any liquid. Also, do not apply excessive bending or actuation force to the cable because it can end in harm. you furthermore mght should not apply excessive force to the cable once operating.


These square measure the dos and don'ts of transducers you must comprehend. For the units to last for an extended time, use caution of however you handle them throughout and when work.

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