8 Things You Need To Do To Record Good Audio (Apart From Using Monitoring Speakers)

Monitoring speakers ar necessary once recording audio, particularly if you wish to realize nice results. However, studio speakers cannot do the task by themselves, therefore if you have already got a combine of top quality studio watching speakers nonetheless ar still creating rotten audio, then perhaps you are doing many things wrong. Here ar eight stuff you will do to realize the results you want:

Record with good-sounding instruments
Before you begin recording, you wish to form certain that none of the instruments ar faulty or out of tune. If associate degree instrument wants new strings or heads, replace and tune it before the session. previous stringed instrument strings conjointly sound dangerous, therefore you may wish to restring your guitars also.

Avoid recording your stringed instrument with reverb
You should solely record your stringed instrument with reverb if it's completely necessary and if you are 100 percent certain that you are not about to modification it throughout mixdown. Otherwise, you must record it dry, particularly if you do not very suppose it will work with the arrangement. If the player cannot play while not reverb, you'll be able to frame for it by adding some to his headphones from your computer code.

Avoid recording within the red
Digital clipping makes a recording sound dangerous, and once you are doing that you just will now not return and fix it. this can be why you must avoid recording within the red the maximum amount as potential. you'll be able to simply record at a lower volume, and simply raise the amount in your combine. Again, you cannot take away clipping, therefore you may also simply stop it from happening.

Use the proper microphone(s)
Not victimisation the proper mike may end up in associate degree awful vocal track, therefore certify you're really victimisation the proper one. Condenser microphones ar what you'd commonly see in studios, and doubtless what you must be victimisation. Dynamic microphones work for a few vocals and designs, however clearly not everything. Compare the 2 and use the one that matches your recording wants.

Record with good-quality cables
If you wish a high-quality recording, it's ideal to take a position in high-quality instrumentation. Cables do matter although they will not matter the maximum amount because the mike you are victimization or the type of pre-amp you have got. They still have a say within the overall sound of the record, therefore do not go low-cost.

Take some time
Rushing is usually a foul issue, and this conjointly applies to record audio. whereas some artists may go harassed, the bulk usually does not. do not expect an instrumentalist to be able to turn out all the vocal tracks to associate degree album in only a brief time. Perfection takes time.

Be within the correct position
A good-sounding space and a few acoustic treatment ar positively necessary for recording an excellent audio, however therefore will the position of the mike. you cannot simply substitute the center of your room and sing into the mike you are holding and still expect to record an honest audio. Not all positions ar ideal for achieving an excellent vocal performance, therefore verify wherever you must properly position yourself within the space before you begin recording. The position of your watching speakers conjointly matter, as they'll sound totally different betting on wherever they're within the space.

Record at twenty four bits rather than sixteen

Now that we've twenty four bits, it does not very be to record at sixteen bits any longer, unless your pc is admittedly slow. It offers you additional vary of potential volumes in your files and you will not need to worry regarding recording into the red. Plus, if you actually want it to be sixteen bits, you'll be able to continually convert it to sixteen from twenty four.

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