Android App Development for Beginners

Steps to make Your Own golem Application

If you're reading this tutorial, it means that you're in all probability unaccustomed the golem app development services. don't be concerned, we are going to divide this tutorial into completely different elements to form it simple for you. The guide offers simple and helpful data concerning golem app development for beginners. Let's start by following these steps:

Before you begin, their area unit 3 vital things that you just ought to grasp, such as:

Android OS is made exploitation Java, thus data concerning Java is usually a profit if you wish to develop AN app for a golem.

Then, you may have to be compelled to get golem SDK, that is golem's basic app writing program like Android Studio or Eclipse, the Java code Development Kit (JDK). The intrinsic options of golem SDK offer the bottom required to make some nice mobile applications and providing an excellent chance for developers and entrepreneurs.

Now, you're ready to start!

Step 1: begin with golem Studio

The most common IDE for golem development is golem Studio, that comes directly from Google itself. The wonderful factor concerning golem Studio is that it's designed specifically for golem app development services.

Step 2: Installation of Java Development Kit (JDK)

After the installation of golem Studio, it is time for a few additional positive actions! you furthermore might have to be compelled to install Java on your machine to use golem Studio. The JDK is ready to interpret and compile your code for the applying development.

Step 3: Begin Your Project

Choose 'Start a brand new golem Studio Project' choice. Enter the name you wish for your application and your 'company domain'. of these components are going to be wont to produce your package name in an exceedingly format like:


This APK ('Android Package File') that you're going to within the finished transfer to the Google Play Store.

Step 4: choose Activity

Moreover, you will be given the choice to select the manner you wish the app to seem at the start. this may be the planning of your main 'Activity Module' that is largely the most page of your app. There area unit numerous fields out there that you've got to settle on consistent with your app wants, like templates, title, access to Google maps, full-screen activity, blank activity etc. As per my read, it's higher to travel for 'Basic Activity' to stay things as straightforward as doable and for all intents and functions.

Step 5: choosing the Layout

Now, you've got to settle on a layout name for the chosen activity. this may outline that wherever components like pictures and menus go and what fonts you may use. opt for a reputation for the menu and title in addition. decide one thing enticing for the title, as your users are going to be able to see this at some points.

Step 6: Edit the Welcome Message

Go to the activity_main.xml tab if it's not open. Click and drag the "Hello, world!" from the higher left corner of the phone show to the middle of the screen. Then move to the values folder, and double-click the strings.xml file. during this file, realize the road "Hello world!" and add "Welcome to my App!"

Step 7: Adding Button to your Activity

In the Palette menu to the left of the show, realize Button. Click and drag Button to be positioned at a lower place welcome message. Afterward, move to properties and realize the sphere for text. modification the text from "New Button" to "Next Page".

Now return to your content_main.xml and click on on the button. within the right corner, wherever you've got your parameters for the button, you may catch AN choice known as '"Tipperary"  title=" and then|then|so|and so" id="tip_162">then choose the '"Tipperary"  title="you have|you've got|you have got" id="tip_164">you've got told golem Studio that you just wish to associate the section of code with the button created.

Step 8: check your App

Finally, all that is missing to try and do is run the app you simply created. straightforward move to 'run' on the highest then choose 'run-app' from the menu. Follow the steps to launch somebody running your app.
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