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    Shenzhen bokeshun precision equipment Co., Ltd
    Address: first floor, building C, Zhangge Science Park, Zhangge community, Fucheng street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-29496776 / 29496778
    Business direct contact:
    Mr Xiang 13923472168
    Email: szbks@szbks.com
    website: http://www.gochigames.com

    talent strategy

    Bokeshun is a world supported by various talents, and the tomorrow of bokeshun is jointly described by employees.

    Therefore, employees are the most valuable asset of the company. We are willing to attract the best and most potential talents in the world, and hope that every employee can sing in bokeshun youth, which is useful.

    Bokeshun is a big family, which is composed of individuals with vivid personalities. We are "people-oriented", value and respect people, and firmly believe that the personal progress of employees is closely related to the development of the enterprise. Bokeshun's yesterday, today, tomorrow and future are created by employees. The company will prosper with the employees' assiduous pursuit; Employees are determined to innovate, while the company is always dynamic. The development of bokeshun needs to be driven by the strength of employees, and personal development needs the company to provide opportunities and development space. Therefore, it is the eternal pursuit of bokeshun to let the enterprise and employees get the best development.

    We strive to shape and look forward to such people: loyal, professional and enterprising
    Our mission: institutionalized management, professional services, people-oriented, committed to the common promotion of enterprise value and employee value.
    Our pursuit: provide human resource guarantee for the development of enterprises and create a good environment and space for personal development.


    [salary and welfare]
    ★ provide salary and welfare treatment with industry competitiveness;
    ★ handle social insurance and housing accumulation fund (five insurances and one fund);
    ★ provide various legal holidays (home leave, marriage and funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.) stipulated by national laws;
    ★ free physical examination for employees every year;
    ★ staff entertainment and other cultural and sports facilities are set up, and various physical and mental cultural and sports activities such as basketball, table tennis and badminton competitions are regularly held;
    ★ it can handle household registration transfer and personnel file relationship transfer for employees.

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