BGA Inspection System for BGA Soldering

The reworks are difficult because they require deep knowledge of the original manufacturing process, the knowledge of the chemical components involved in the original manufacturing process, the thermal profiles of the various processes, and a detailed account of the processes. BGA inspection.

Regarding the inspection BGA during IPC-A-610 inspection shows that BGA can be confirmed from the standpoint of the X-ray process, it is imperative that the visual inspection, endoscopic inspection, and X-rays are used to carry out the corresponding BGA inspection.

Visual inspection BGA on the BGA packages and the geometries of the presentation is very limited and is a function to access a peripheral device. Often, the operator must be able to articulate the map under the microscope. It also assumes that the edge of the card does not interfere with the edges of the device.

Endoscopic inspection is similar in scope and limitations to the visual inspection process. The endoscopic mirror is located near the edge of the BGA so that the BGA inspection can be performed. Extension control instrument is such that, unlike optical inspection, one of the scopes of the BGA interface can see. The ball interface package is important because this part of testing whether the ball in the package is sufficient, wetting BGA determine. The interface of the projectile with the PCB also determines what the weld seam of the ball looks like. Again, the inspector observes the moisture of the ball's interface on the board. Particularly critical are the corners of the plate. When the collapse and spherical shape at the corners of the BGA test process is confirmed, it is generally assumed that the other interfaces of the ball will be acceptable.

The X-ray inspection of the BGA gives the processor many details about the result of the original repair or assembly process. Not only the size of the bale and the uniformity of the consistency of the consolidation process reflects but also other parameters can be determined by X-ray In addition to the uniformity of the collapse of the ball, anyone can be emphasized briefly by examining X-ray image. The X-ray image of a BGA inspection process can also determine if abnormalities such as down-flow sweat pattern "dogbone" are altered by contact through the opening.

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