3-D Printing Could Make Your Next Home 40% Cheaper

First, you had to buy a piece of land. Then I had to get state help for all the equipment I needed to build a house: cement, steel reinforcement, pipes, etc.

The socialist economy of India was very weak, as was a quota system for distributing the limited quantities available. And then, to connect your water, your sewage and your electricity ... it was another test.

Summarizing all this was a great effort that took years. Of course, there was an easier way ...

You rented a solution.

In India and everywhere with a dysfunctional bureaucracy, a solver is someone who knows the right people. He smears the palm of his hand here and exchanges a favor with someone else there to do things.

For a fixer, what would have taken two or three years only lasted a few months?

However, the house built by my father took years to cope. Today, however, a new technology is emerging that can reduce construction time and make the construction of a house much more economical.

The incredible cost of reconstruction

This technology is 3D printing.

And this technology can suddenly become a mainstream due to the incredible hurricanes that Harvey, Irma, and Mary caused in 2017.

According to reports, Harvey destroyed 12,700 homes.

It is estimated that Irma has destroyed 25% of all Florida Keys homes.

It is estimated that Maria has caused $ 30 billion in damages in the Caribbean.

Dominica, an island where I went hiking and canyoning, lost almost 100% of the houses and buildings. It is unlikely that Dominica can afford to rebuild itself through the traditional and obsolete construction of houses and buildings. It would be too expensive and it would take too much time.

However, Cazza, a 3D print, could have a solution.

With the Cazza X1 robot, 3D printed buildings such as houses, villas, shelters, warehouses and commercial buildings can come back in less than a week.

Cazza estimates that the use of its 3D printing technology will save up to 40% compared to traditional design techniques.

Save $ 20,000 for a home that costs $ 50,000. And remember, the 3D printed model allows you to find your home in a week instead of months or years.

The current estimate, still incomplete for the hurricane season, is already 340 billion dollars.

Assuming that 30% of this damage is destroyed in homes and buildings, the implementation of 3D printing technology such as the Cazza X1 will save up to $ 40.8 billion. It's a big problem.

That's why I look closely at the 3D printing technology of homes and buildings. Over time, the techniques used to rebuild after a disaster are also used to make normal housing cheaper. And the company that makes 3D printing technology will have a stock that has exploded for years.
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