The Miracle of Computers and Technology

There is no other way to describe the tremendous advances in computing and related technologies. This allows instant communication with anyone in the world and it is a miracle. In addition to communicating, we can send photos, develop websites with information and gather answers to questions we want to ask. It is a system designed by God, and man has been shown how to manipulate it.

In 1984, the spirit came to me with such force that it was impossible to move. Inside, I heard "tear down the wall of the church, go out with the people and bring the young people". With 45 years and the time that is shown between lives. Yes, I have a memory of my reincarnation and my connection with the spirit of the universe, the true God.

After the message, three visions were received. In the first, a man like Jesus preached to a multitude of people on a mountain. In the second I replaced it and in the third, my face was on a screen or a browser.

Nothing made sense either in the commission or in the visions. Nobody mentioned the World Wide Web and less computer or browser. As it was consistent with the vision before my return, there was no doubt about who or what.

They followed months of teaching, then the Internet went online. Until then, the Spirit had taught me well and even sent to the University to confirm the visions that belonged to him. The subjects of archeology, anthropology, linguistics, and philosophy were essential to verify and explain what the mind wants the world to know.

The Internet is the highest mountain, and from there the messages sent to me are sent to the world. God can speak to everyone at the same time, and no company, government or religious organization has control over what is shown or taught from the top.
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