A Guide to Troubleshooting Smart Devices and The Internet of Things

Step 1 - Google

If you have a problem, the answer is probably found with a search engine. Start here first!

Step 2: Search for songs on the device

Many smart devices have flashing lights or other indicators when something is wrong. This can give hints, what happens.

Step 3 - Check the application for the device

Most smart devices have a corresponding application for a smartphone. This application can usually detect if the device is not working and give you advice on how to restore functionality.

Step 4 - Turn off and on

Yes, it might sound cliché, but turning the device on and off can solve the problem. It only takes a minute or two, so better proof.

Step 5 - Check the power source

If your smart device does not turn off, there is probably a problem with the power supply. Make sure the device is powered by a battery or a power cord.

Step 6 - Dig the user manual

If you still have the instruction manual for the product, it would be a good time to remove it. Usually, the back has a useful troubleshooting section. The operating instructions also contain information about how to reset the device.

Step 7 - Check your Wi-Fi connection

If your device connects to Wi-Fi, make sure your Wi-Fi router is working. You can test this easily if other devices connect to Wi-Fi. Try to access different websites as a test. If your Wi-Fi does not work, remove the router and reconnect it.

If that does not help, connect your computer to the wall with an Ethernet cable. If you still can not access the Internet using the Ethernet cable, contact your Internet service provider.

Step 8 - Reset the device

If nothing works, you can try to reset the device to factory settings.

Attention! This will remove all your settings and should only be used as a last resort. You must restart the device configuration process.

If you have the instruction manual, you must specify how to reset the device. If you do not have the instruction manual, search the Internet for the factory reset.

Step 9: Contact the experts

If you've tried every one of these steps in vain, it's time to call experts. There may be a hardware problem with your smart device. Check the manufacturer's website for warranty and repair assistance.

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