The Importance of Culture Change in Digital Transformation

More and more companies are looking for a digital transformation of their companies to meet the growing demands and expectations of modern and technically demanding customers. But few are prepared for the internal disruptions that the company creates across the enterprise. That's why cultural change and change management are so important.

To succeed in digital transformation, companies need to apply agile methods, processes, and work methods. To become an agile company requires a cultural change. Because digital transformation is driven by changing customer demands and expectations, customer-centric strategies are essential, and the successful development and implementation of these new approaches requires a more integrated and integrated organization. Liquid.

Lay the foundations for the digital transformation

Companies that fail digital transformation projects are usually guilty of failing to build a solid foundation:

Focused on the customer
Omni-channel experience
Placing these foundations requires tremendous cultural change within the organization and managing this process is difficult. Unfortunately, if your organization wants to succeed, that's inevitable.
Change of culture

Because of the ever-changing and ever-changing nature of the modern world, businesses must cultivate a culture of constant revolution.

The times of companies that set a strategy for the next 5 years and then wait for the implementation of this strategy have disappeared. Implementing a 5-year strategy remains important, but the need to be able to implement this strategy quickly at will is fundamental to the long-term strategic success of the company. Most companies, especially large and well-established ones, are difficult to transform, and aggressive newcomers can scan and numerically change industries, markets and supply chains. The incumbents are too slow to respond, and if they have responded significantly, the newcomer has taken a strong position in the market and is almost impossible to eliminate. Companies need to be able to adapt quickly to new entrants and changes in the competitive landscape.

With the advent of new technologies, the needs and expectations of customers and other key stakeholders are also changing. The innovation strategy that follows today could be superfluous in a few weeks or months. Agility enables rapid development plan development, rapid implementation of customer-focused strategies, and redesign of customers' omnichannel experience.

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