5 Common Misconceptions About Church Tech

Church school isn't new. the concept that the employment of technology within the church is somehow wrong, ineffective or new may be an idea. God's folks have continuously used technology to any the dominion. maybe the confusion comes within the definition of technology.

Technology is often outlined because of the use of a knowledge base for sensible functions or applications.
What Is Church Tech?
Church school than are often outlined because of the use of strategies, processes or data to any of the goals and mission of the church. 3 nice samples of the employment of technology square measure found within the Holy Bible:

Noah used technological processes, strategies or data to create the ark, for the aim of conserving the mankind.

David defeated Goliath with a sling, that in his day was a high-tech weapon.

Solomon used the simplest technology offered to him, within the kind of stonecutters, carpenters, silversmiths, and surveyors, to create the temple.

So right off the bat, you'll throw out the misperception that:

1."The church doesn't use Technology."
One of the best uses of technology was the applying of the press to mass manufacture copies of the Holy Bible. Johann Gutenberg thought of the discoverer of the press. used technology to mass manufacture books and quickly unfold data in fifteenth-century Europe. The Gutenberg Bible is AN early use of church school to unfold the gospel.

2. "Older congregants won't embrace technology."
This is an ordinarily command belief based mostly on assumptions. Not solely is that this not true, however, a study by Dunham and Company showed that online giving among those over sixty-five was adequate that of these younger. Senior Americans have historically been late adopters of technology. however per the church bench center. Seniors square measure clench technology at a shocking rate. In 2013, fifty-nine were web users.

3. "Technology is going to be our problem"
Technology itself isn't unhealthy, however, it is also not foolproof. It's dead however it's applied. the matter comes once church school becomes a substitute for human interaction. folks and churches need physical association and human interaction for survival. Church school ought to encourage and enhance, however not replace, the human a part of the church expertise.

4. "All technologies square measure created equal" and five. "It does not value something."
Because of open supply technology, AN increasing range of tools and apps square measure offered free or at a really low value.

This doesn't mean that there's no value attached the event and use of this technology. usually, we tend to don't notice the time, labor, testing attached development, to not mention support and updates.

Just because you buy one thing does not guarantee a sturdy technology or carry a lot of inherent price or practicality. worth doesn't continuously indicate price. Tight church budgets need an idea. That set up not solely needs time and education, however typically money resources too.

Church school ought to Mean improvement, Not Replacement

Church school will enhance however mustn't replace sensible old-style Christian fellowship. like something, you must proceed with an idea and a sensible spot in mind.

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