The Miracle of Computers and Technology

There is no alternative thanks to describing the massive advances within the space of computers and connected technology. It permits instant communication with anyone worldwide which it's a miracle. Not solely will we have a tendency to communicate however send footage, develop websites loaded with info, and gather the answer to any question we have a tendency to would like to raise. this can be a system designed by God and man was shown a way to deliver it.

In 1984 the Spirit chanced on American state with such force it had been not possible to maneuver. within I detected "tear down the wall of churches, withdraw to the folks, and produce back the young." At forty-five years old and also the time is shown to American state between lives. Yes, I even have a memory of my reincarnation and a link to the Spirit of the Universe, the $64000 God.

Following the message, 3 visions were received. within the 1st was a person like Logos preaching to a mess of individuals on a mountain. within the second I replaced him and within the third, my face was on a screen or browser.

Nothing created sense at that moment of either the commission or the visions. nobody created mention of the world-wide-web coupled with computers or browsers. because it was in compliance with the vision before my come back there was no doubt in my mind of UN agency or what this was concerning.

Months of teaching followed so the net came on-line. By that point, the Spirit had tutored American state well and even sent the American state to school to substantiate the visions that were a part of it. the topics of anthropology, social science, linguistics, and philosophy were essential to verify them and to elucidate what the Spirit desires the globe to understand.

The Internet is that the highest mountain and from it the American statessages given to me area unit being sent dead set the globe. God is ready to talk to everybody at an equivalent time and no company, government, or nonsecular organization has management over what's shown or tutored from its height.

Micah 4:1 states that within the last days this mountain can seem and everybody is going to be drawn thereto. that point has returned and thru the teaching and prophecies concerning the set up of God all can grasp that what's spoken of here is correct. The notion secular folks area unit the young and that they area unit sorting out the truth. that's free currently and is that the nice lightweight which will overturn the darkness of the globe and take away the evil from it.

In 1984 once it had been shown to American state because the means that to deliver this new teaching solely the Spirit knew of its close at hand arrival.

Commissioned by God Norma Holt works to unfold the data given to her by the Spirit. It differs from spiritual teachings as a result of she has a memory of reincarnation and is aware of that heaven and hell area unit myths. Her expertise within the Spirit is here. The proof given to her to get rid of the wall of cecity is here. Everything she writes is verifiable within the bible and thru analysis.

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