All the Best Features of the Android Nougat Update

Android candy is that the latest update of Google's in operation system; automaton. Here during this article, we are going to be telling you after you will update automaton on your phone, pill and alternative devices, however, you'll be able to profit the update's options. What are the execs and cons of change your previous automaton Lollipop or candy to automaton candy.

We show you the newest options of automaton seven.0 Nougat, why it is so necessary, and what mobiles can receive this version of Google's package.

Whenever a brand new version of automaton seems, during this case the seven.0, the kick-off is given for all brands to announce that phones are upgraded to automaton candy. And as usually happens on previous occasions, comes the frustration after you see that your smartphone won't be updated, otherwise you see that the update comes too late.

However, there might continuously be doubt concerning the advantages of automaton seven.0 over the previous system, and if it is very worthwhile. the reality is that with every new package not solely return useful and aesthetic enhancements, however conjointly at a security level, thus upgrading to automaton seven.0 is kind of convenient.

What are the new options of the automaton Nougat? several and extremely demanded by users. the primary and most placing is that the inclusion of the primary multiventana in automaton stock, one thing necessary given the rise in screen size we've got seen in recent years, with the 5.5 inches progressively widespread altogether Segments.

The arrival of computer game doesn't go unremarked by the new automation system, and this can embrace a series of options that may optimize the performance of the smartphone in conjunction with Daydream VR, the most recent computer game glasses from Google. conjointly enclosed is compatibility with Vulkan, associate degree API that may enable higher improvement of games and applications that need high graphics performance.

There are enhancements within the level of improvement and management of accessible resources, with a twist to the Doze battery saving system, in order that currently, the system can save energy from the instant we have a tendency to shut down the screen.

Security in automaton candy devices:

Of course, security in the automaton seven.0 candy is additionally increased by a plan of your cryptography system to additional effectively defend our knowledge, so that, for associate degree example, ransomware won't be ready to modify our Arcanum just in case we've got established one to dam our phone.

We even have the chance of automatic updates running within the background, see the supply of the applying installation, the direct boot, that permits a far quicker begin of the smartphone, or instant apps, applications which will be dead while not ought to be put in in our terminal.

Which phones can receive automaton seven.0

All these options appear enough reasons for brands to create a trial to upgrade a smartphone to automaton seven.0. Most makers like Samsung, LG or Huawei have centered on covering their most picture models, forsaking the entry-level models or devices before 2016. this can be not the case for BQ.


BQ has proclaimed the list of phones that may receive automaton candy, wherever we've got been ready to see pleasant surprises. As we said, if we have a tendency to state the entry very, there's just about no update ads from any manufacturer, therefore the Aquaris A4.5 and therefore the 3 models of the new vary Aquaris U are the primary mobile of but a hundred and fifty € to receive automaton seven.0.

If we have a tendency to go a step on top of, we discover that the Aquarius X5 and therefore the Aquaris X5 and will feature automaton candy, however not solely the most recent developments in BQ can feature this new system, as each the Aquaris M5 and therefore the Aquaris M5.5 (2015 models) receive this update.

Of course, their rivals are wanting to supply the most recent flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S7, Huawei P9 or the LG G5 will feature the upgrade to automaton seven.0. The variations we have a tendency to see within the most reasonable ranges.

While within the mid-range their ar brands that create additional effort like Motorola with its Moto G4, Huawei P9 fat-free, or Samsung Galaxy A, we have a tendency to see as alternative models as necessary because of the Samsung Galaxy J3, LG K10, or the Huawei P8 fat-free won't receive the new automaton seven.0.

With this, we have a tendency to see however, there are brands that basically care concerning giving a protracted life to every model happiness to its product vary, whereas others forget to hide some segments. what's clear is that the update to automaton candy ought to be a the crucial issue once selecting a smartphone these days.

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